I work professionally as a photojournalist for the US Navy. Because my job affords me an insight into a world that the general public doesn’t get to see, I thought this would be a good area of exploration. I started with a topic I felt comfortable with, military traditions, specifically cake cutting ceremonies. I felt that this would be a good, lighthearted way to test the waters to see if there was a compelling story there.
This took the shape of a two-channel video that highlights cakes from the last 20 years on my base. These ranged from cakes for promotions, retirements, change of commands and other events. On the other channel are news segments explaining the tradition and ritual that goes into one of these ceremonies. In addition to the video, I created a 20”x60” photo collage of all of the cakes used in the video to allow the audience the ability to examine individual cakes as well as show the magnitude of the ritual.