Final Project
Photos of the installation process and final projects developed by Mrs. Mottern's Photography class
Students were tasked with looking at the photograph as a three-dimensional object that occupied space, and invited the audience to move around and interact with the work. The students studied contemporary art practices for inspiration and logistical insight, employed creative problem solving skills, experimented with materials and methods for assembly, and utilized mathematical concepts during the installation process. Peer review and self reflection were incorporated at the conclusion of the install as a way to encourage the students' thoughts about refining a concept, choice of materials, and time management.

The Prompt:

Each student was assigned the "Shoot the Alphabet" project, which is an exercise in focus, exposure, but most importantly, composition. Students were to produce an image for each letter of the alphabet using framing, line, exposure, depth of field, shadow, and shape to construct the letter. Once each student completed this assignment, we conducted a group critique to explore which images were most successful and why.

After this reflection, the students were placed into groups and tasked with deciding on a word that they felt embodied Southern Fulton Junior-Senior High School and the community. Once each group decided on a word, they went through all of the letters that the group had shot collectively and selected the most successful image for each letter in their word.

Students then used a variety of printing, assemblage, and installation methods to turn the words into site specific installations that were then installed at various sites throughout the school.