Pedagogical Practices:
Interactive Media
The struggle with this class was the lack of structure. The class had been added to the school's catalog last minute, so there wasn't much of a curriculum developed by the classroom teacher (of no fault of her own). This caused a lot of time lost in trying various exercises and brainstorming sessions to figure out where the students' interests were, and how I could integrate them into a lesson. We did some work with developing a website, but the real interest came when I offered to teach the students basic video production methods.

I had a major breakthrough when I gave the students the option to come conduct interviews (i.e. work) and give up the fun movie day that the school was providing them. All but one student opted to come conduct interviews.
When I introduced the idea of teaching the students about video production, namely by having them execute on camera interviews, I was met with interest from almost every student in the class. This was a successful exercise for the following reasons:
  • It was a small class, so hands-on exercises were possible
  • There are multiple roles that exist within video production, allowing students to take on a role that interested them ex. audio capture, camera operation, conducting interviews, and writing interview questions.
  • My access to video equipment allowed the students to gain experience with industry standard equipment, and made them feel important in that I trusted them to handle the equipment.